Nicole Richie's Cute Dogs

Nicole Richie was spotted out and about with a couple of her cute little fuzzy dogs.

Pomeranian's are simply the cutest of all the small breeds, they remind me of tiny little werewolves.


  1. Heh. They do have a werewolf-y sort of look about them, don't they… it never occurred to me before. LOL.
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  4. I love your focus on celebrity pets, you have a great picture of Nichole Ritchie. Good Job.

  5. hey its cute and lovely pet with nice style.. great pic..

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  7. This is so cute! I came across this celebrity pet makeover video which made me laugh haha :)

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  10. Pomeranians look very cute indeed! But don't be fooled by their appearance, they are a LOT of DOG!
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